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General Sleep Issues / Early wake protocol
« Last post by LaraAndrea on Today at 15:13:19 »

First off I want to thank everyone for your help getting me through a stretch of short naps and helping me with the 3-2 transition (still working on it)

My question is around early wakes.

This has not become a trend as yet, but my LO woke at 6am today (chatting/ babbling etc.) Twice before 7am she fell back asleep. I would guess for ~ 10-15 min then waking again.

I was not sure how to proceed with her am AT. We just pushed her to 3h for past couple days. I was not sure how this early wake would effect her.

I decided to watch for signs of fatigue and be ready to PD early. She did not show early signs so I put her down at 10:00 as per recent routine.

Was this an appropriate response? Should I have put her down earlier?

Any other thoughts on early wakes?
Night Wakings / Re: 6 month old 5+ night awakenings
« Last post by Pearceuccs on Today at 14:44:08 »
No paci and he goes to sleep on his own with some patting and I try to use the pupd technique as to teach him to be more independent and don't pat him all the way to sleep. Where I think we go wrong is rocking him back to sleep in the middle of the night. I was hoping that more independent nap sleeping and fixing awake times would fix the night awakenings but no luck. I wanted to see if I needed to change anything else before we fully sleep train with Pupd.

I'm trying to get rid of the catnap which is possible most days this week but his naps are right around 1 hour still so daytime sleep is Barely over 2 hours only and sometimes a catnap is necessary for a bedtime that's not ridiculously early. So I'm hoping that with continued 2 nap schedule that he will start to increase the amount of daytime sleep closer to 3 hours. A catnap makes his last two awake times 2 hours instead of 3 hours.
Looked it up :)
Okay thank you
Ut is under tired? Correct?
Nursery isn't imminent so you're right I can wait a little while before figuring that out. I think pushing him to nap around 10 will probably be the best solution for now - also gives me just the one child for a nap in the afternoon too ;-)
Thanks all - very helpful. I'll just be patient and try him more gently. Always hard when the first one weans like the books say and the second one throws you a curveball! He loves gnawing on finger food (so long as bits don't break off!) so i'll keep going with that too.

Weaning and Teething I'm sure don't mix well either ;-)
General Sleep Issues / Re: Transition to crib/sleep training
« Last post by Martini~ on Today at 13:16:20 »
Can you try and push the morning or second nap a bit?
Naps / Re: Nap training in crib and extending naps
« Last post by mac2003yn on Today at 13:09:52 »
Thank you for your response!

She has been going to down for naps easier. And since training she has slept 1hr+ for one nap last week and one nap this week. All other naps are still 30 mins. Should I try to extend her awake time to get her to nap longer?

This is our routine:

630am  wake
845am nap #1 (30 mins)
915 wake
1130 nap #2 (30 mins)
12 wake
215 nap #3 (30 mins)
245 wake
5 nap #4 (15 mins)
520 wake
740 sleeping
General Sleep Issues / Re: Transition to crib/sleep training
« Last post by mac2003yn on Today at 13:04:05 »
Here is her routine:
630am  wake
845am nap #1 (30 mins)
915 wake
1130 nap #2 (30 mins)
12 wake
215 nap #3 (30 mins)
245 wake
5 nap #4 (20 mins)
520 wake
740 sleeping

The room is dark but people start getting ready for work around that time...

My 9 month old DS's sleep is all over the place. I did baby whisperer with my 2 year old DD and by this age she was sleeping great so I'm not sure where I'm going wrong. Things have not recovered since WW 37.

He is an independent sleeper, no dummy, EBF, in a cot in my room. He has been crawling and pulling to stand since 8 months. He turned 9 months on the 27th but was a week late.

Here is a sample of the last few days before the clocks went forward (the times now look more reasonable because of clock change but in reality he is still waking terribly early).

WU 4.45 try to settle in bed until 5.30
N1 8.15 - 9.35
N2 1.30 - 2.45
BT 6.15 (aimed for 5.45 standing in cot repeatedly)
NW 8.20, 9, 10.30 (30 mins resettle), 12.40 feed

WU 4.30 try to settle in bed until 5.30
N1 8.20 - 9.50 (quick resettle at 8.50)
N2 1.20 -1.50 ( long A but we were out with pram)
BT 4.50
NW 8, 8.40, 10.40 (45 min resettle) 1.30 feed

WU 4.45 slept again
WU 5.15
N1 9 - 9.37
N2 1.15 - 2.40 (quick resettle at 2)
BT 6
NW 9.20, 10, 10.40 (30 mins resettle) 1.30 milk

WU 4.25 slept again
WU 4.45 slept again
WU 5.15
N1 8.30 - 9.10 wouldn't resettle
N2 12.40 - 2
BT 5.30
NW 10.15 (45 min resettle) 1.10 feed

4.45 awake try to settle until 5.15
N1 8.20 - 9

Etc etc!

Just to add there is definite separation anxiety going on. I have to do walk in walk out at naps and bedtime and sometimes if that goes on too long and he is getting overtired i will sit next to his cot with a hand on his back and he is doing lots of lifting his head to check I'm still there. But i know there must be a routine issue because of all the night wakings.

I am aiming for A times 3.15, 3.30 and 3.15.

Please does anyone have any advice to help me?

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