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Night Wakings / Re: 4.5 month old waking frequently in the night
« Last post by Marizza4 on Today at 10:41:18 »
I am following this post. We have the same problem,  but I made it worse by feeding her. Good for you for recognizing she is not hungry! My baby started doing it also when she reached 4 months, itís been going on for a month now because Iíve turned it into habitual waking...
Night Wakings / 4.5 month old waking frequently in the night
« Last post by HelzBelz on Today at 10:05:39 »
Hi. Looking for some advise.

My four month old has started waking frequently in the night. She is on a four hour routine and it has been working really well. Her EASY routine is as follows;

7.00am: wake
7:30am:  feed
8:00am: playtime
9:00am: sleep
11:00am: wake
11:30am: feed
12:00pm: playtime
1:00pm: sleep
3:00pm: wake
3:30pm: feed
4:00pm playtime
5:30pm: cat nap
6:00pm: bath
7:00pm: bedtime routine and feed
7:30pm sleep
10:30: dreamfeed

Up to now she has been like clock work....but the last week she has begun waking in the night. She is well able to self soothe because sometimes she wakes during her naps and goes back asleep herself. I give her a paci when i put her down but i dont replace it if she wakes and she self soothes back to sleep herself.

But now she has begun waking at 3am, 4am, 4:30am, 5am and basically every 30mins from then. I give her the paci to try put her back to sleep. Then at 7am i get her up.

Please help. She used to sleep so soundly during the night. Its not hunger because she fusses on her morning bottle and its a struggle to get it into her.

Hello friends!
I have a question about NW.
Baby girls is 21 weeks old and for the past month I think iíve introduced accidental parenting. We went home for holidays for three weeks,  frequently changing our place of stay. From the first night baby started waking and would settle after eating. I thought it was a 4 month growth spurt. This started increasing and she would wake 2-3 times. Before the trip, she had one feed during the night at 4 am and she was spontaniosly dropping that. I should say she is a very good eater, weight is 8 kg (17.6 pounds) and she is eating efficiently (now less efficient, everything distracts her). So, we are back for one week and I was trying to eliminate feeding to one per night-this coincided with rolling and stopping with swaddling so there was a lot of waking. From what Iíve read- I should add more day feeding (we have been doing that every 2 hours but I am afraid she will become a snacker) and use pacifier (we use it just to go to sleep) when she wakes to eat.
My question is- should we try to not feed her at all during the night? Or should she still have one NF? The problem is she eats every time she wakes-thatís what tricked me into thinking she was in a growth spurt, but this morning Iíve feed her at 5 am and I had to wake her at 8.30 and she basically just snacked a bit before the first nap which tells me she wasnt hungry because of the NF.
Could she be eating at night and then eating less during the day?

Our e.a.s.y (most of the days)

7.30 -wake up, 2-2.15 A time, eat 15 min after waking
9.30-9.45 sleep (she still wakes at 45 min mark but goes back to sleep, tried oncreasing A time but she then wakes at 30 min mark)
11.00-wake up, 2 hours A time
13.00- second nap
15.00-wake up, eat
17.15-catnap (30-45 min)
18.00-wake, eat, A time, bath, eat 15 min before sleep again
20.00-20.30 going to bed
-she wakes several times and we shush her to sleep, without picking up
22.00-22.45- depending on her sleep Dream feed, my expressed milk, c. 200 ml

She will then wake at 1.30, between 3-5, and sometimes again at 6 am
Shw is just EBF, no sign of theetimg,rolles on her tummy and cant roll back yet so I assist her. Bedtime routine-I change her napoy, dim the lights, sing a songa and put her to crib and then sit next to her and shush, sometimes hold hamd on her belly. At night I just put her back to sleep if I feed her and she falls asleep alone, if I dont feed her then I sit beside the crib and shush-is this ok?

Sorry for the long post, I look forward to your reply. I forgot to mention- I am a walking dead zombie, literally no sleep for the past month:(
Breast Feeding / Re: I need a quick answer pls
« Last post by dache on Today at 09:11:36 »
We made it through the night. She fed a lot but we managed a bit of sleep as well. Considering I was sleep deprived and it was middle of the night what I wrote makes a lot more sense than I expected lol

She had a growth spurt a week ago. She is rolling halfway almost to her tummy, smiling amd cooing, and she is holding her head for long periods. I know that's a lot for such a small person. She was very fussy than. Than had two days where she was ok and now this.
General Sleep Issues / Re: Baby waking at long period during night
« Last post by pipkin on Today at 09:03:14 »
Yeah she sleeps well in her first nap - about 1.5 hours.

Ah perfect, Iíll try that. I always worry going any later will mean she isnít tired for bed. What would you say the latest I should let her wake up for her second nap should be so she is tired for her 7/7.30pm bedtime?

Thanks so much for all your help :). Iíve found this forum so helpful for all my worries!
Night Wakings / Re: Shh pat for NW
« Last post by creations on Today at 09:02:09 »
In general you can probably expect not to feed at less than 3hrs over night, yes, however there can be reasons for needing more frequent feeds such as illness (coming on or recovery from) or growth spurts so don't worry about dependence if it's just the odd night or a run of a few nights for a growth spurt.
Night Wakings / Re: 6 months multiple NWs and 5am EW
« Last post by becj86 on Today at 08:40:37 »
Have you been able to resettle any of those short naps?

at 8.30 he fell asleep and slept only 25 min!!! And he's playing and totally happy. What kind of sleep is that??
This sounds like overstimulation to me.

If he does a short nap, ideally you would so an almost full A time, reduce by 15-20mins, generally.

Is he well?
General Sleep Issues / Re: Baby waking at long period during night
« Last post by becj86 on Today at 08:26:49 »
Does she go to sleep ok for that nap? Wonder if you could try increasing the second A time and see if she's just not tired yet? If she's wanting to get up, that could be why.

25mo DD used to only use the paci in bed, has become more and more dependent in the last few months. Now she keeps losing the paci in bed and cries, I need to replace it and give her milk/cuddles to get her to go back to sleep. I snipped the ends of the pacifiers so they lost all suction. I think that definitely helped with the daytime obsession. Will most likely snip them ďmoreĒ to encourage her to reject it. Hopefully. 

Anyone have any advice to improve things more? I like to do things gradually and not too traumatic. Last night I had to go to her 3 or 4 times and Iím very tired!

Heís 11 weeks tomorrow so not quite 3 months yet.
Oh goodness, you can tell it's been a while since I had one that small - you had just said 11 weeks, which is nowhere near 4 months!  ::)

During the night, he cries hysterically and no matter how much shush / pat, holding, even rocking can't stop him from crying for 30mins.
Is this still the case when he's waking at night?  If it is, I'd almost be inclined to feed at night for now - however, I would try occasionally to settle without feeding to see if it can be done.  At this point, I would not stress about it - night feeds are super good for your supply and it could be that he honestly just does need the calories.  Babies are so different - at 11 weeks, I had one that was doing a dream feed plus one night feed, one that wouldn't do the dream feed and woke 1-2 times a night to eat, and one that was waking every 2-3 hours to eat. 
From looking at your routine, I would say that you might want to slowly work on pushing your A time so it's just a touch longer - right around the 90 minute mark is your goal at this point.  That should lengthen your naps over an hour - I always worked one nap at a time and had the best luck first thing in the morning getting that "right" A time and nap time.  (Truly, the days were few and far between when mine were small when the whole day worked out ok, but we did get through enough of the day to give us better nights.)
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