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US and UK Food Brands for Allergies
« on: May 27, 2005, 19:39:20 pm »
Thought it may be helpful to list foods that we all use for whatever allergy we are dealing with. If we use the following abbreviations (any suggestions welcomed if I miss something) against any items after listing their brand name and then list where you normally buy from it may make shopping easier for other/new parents dealing with food allergies.

DF - Dairy Free
SF - Soya Free
EF - Egg Free
WF - Wheat Free
PF - Peanut free
TF - treenut free
FF - fish free
CF - Crustacean shellfish free

I've listed the top 8 allergens as we could go on forever and the others are more obvious and less likely to be "hidden" in food. I haven't listed the obvious things eg there's not likely to be fish in bread! but if you do come across a product that could have a possible allergen in to others please let people know.
* If you use the above headings to start with and we'll keep adding headings and items


United States:

Bread, Baked Goods and Morning Goods
Rice Dream brand rice milk, "ice cream" in several flavors including strawberry, vanilla, orange cream (Note: their label now reads "this item may contain traces of milk because it was produced on the same equipment that processes milk" but with an intolerance *not allergy* I have not had a problem with this) DF, SF

Iron Kids bread, some Rotella's brand breads are ok - DF, SF

Bisquick - DF, SF

Plain and Honey Nut Cheerios, Rice Chex, Life and Cinn Life, Kix Cereals - DF, SF

Fats, Oils, ingredients & Kitchen Cupboard
Enjoy life choc chips - Healthway Natural Foods DF, SF

Butter substitutes-Fleishmans Light, Fleishmans Unsalted, Mazola Unsalted (most margarines contain WHEY so be very careful when reading labels, these brands can be hard to find) - DF, SF

Swansons Natural Goodness Chicken, Vegetable, and beef broths - DF, SF

Campbells Tomato Soup - DF, SF

Teddy Grahams cookies in Chocolate Chip, Honey, Cinnamon - DF, SF

Ghiradelli and Guittard semi-sweet or dark chocolate chips - DF, SF

Newman's Own sweet dark, sweet dark orange, expresso chocolate bars - DF, SF

Duncan Hines cake mixes and can frostings, check labels as several are DF, SF

Poptarts - most fruit flavored and brown sugar are M/SF

Hyvee brand devil's food and yellow cake mixes are DF (although they now say made on shared equipment)


United Kingdom (UK)

Bread, Baked Goods and Morning Goods
M&S Count on Us Soft White Bloomer - DF, SF - M&S
Tesco Light Rye Bread - DF, SF - Tesco Extra
Terance Stamp Sunflower Bread - DF, SF, WF - Sainsburys, Tescos

Fats, Oils and ingredients
Pure Sunflower Spread (yellow tub) - DF, SF - Tescos, Asda, Holland and Barrett
Avacado Oil - DF, SF - Tescos Extra
Florentino Basil Pesto - DF, NF, WF (contains onion) - Asda
Florentino Red Pesto, DF, NF, WF (contains tomato and onion) - Asda

Terrance Stamp Chocolate - DF, SF - don't know, Adsa just stopped stocking
Organix goodies anilmal shaped biscuits-DF, SF, EF, PF(produced in a factory that makes food containing nuts), TF(produced in a factory that makes food containingnuts), FF, CF

First Glace Ice Cream - DF, SF, EF

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Re: US and UK Food Brands for Allergies
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2008, 23:46:46 pm »
Thanks to fifibobandmore:

I have to check the labels for additives so I think AF which has popped up on a few of my packages means Additive Free. All Additives affect my DS#1 asthma so for him everything has to be made in house including his favourite meal at the moment of chicken nuggets, corn on the cob and spicy potatoe wedges
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Re: US and UK Food Brands for Allergies
« Reply #2 on: February 17, 2009, 20:01:33 pm »
The orgran range is very good for multiple food allergies. It is an australian brand but is available in the UK. Some supermarkets stock a limited range but we have a vegan store in Manchester that stocks a wide range of these products.


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